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Alfa Romeo 145 2.0 ELEGANTE 16V

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Posted By   brazilianclassiccars
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  • 1996 Alfa Romeo 145 with +25 years old! 

    Ready to import into USA as a classic car!
    Link with a lot of photos below:


    For sale and export from Brazil the 1996 Alfa Romeo 145 2.0 liter Elegant model with 150hp. Ready to drive. Nothing to replace on it.
    It shows 145.000Km.
     When I bought it, it was kept dry for + 10 years with no use, and I fully restored it. I toke it to an Alfa Romeo specialist garage in my city. This garage receives a lot of other Alfas from all over Brazil to have their cars fixed, so you just imagine how good they are.
     What was made on it:
     EXTERIOR: fully painted in the original color, bumpers painted in the original black / red color combination.

    UPHOLSTERY: was fully removed, washed, the seat foams where replaced and the fabrics cleaned, the seat belts were also fully cleaned.

    BRAKES: all new disk brakes, shoes and oil.

    MUFFLER: all new system, new catalic conversor.

    ENGINE: changed the upper valves, belts, tensioners , a fully +30 items of the engine like sensors, 8 spark plugs and cables, were all changed to make it run like new. New rings, pistons.

    RADIATOR: is new and the system was drained, cleaned and changed the fluid.

    BATERRY: new.

    TIRES: 4 new Dunlop.

    DUMPERS: new and also the ones at the trunk door.

    SUSPENSION: changed broken rubbers.

    ALARM: installed a working alarm that closes the doors and lift the front windows.

    RADIO: 4 speakers, a Pioneer Bluetooth radio and a new antena.

    AC: was fully charged, working also the hot air system.

    STEERING WHEEL MECHANISM: replaced the rings and oil.
    All the lights and gauges are working and functional.
    Original front Hella and rear lights.
    Owners manual.

    Summarizing, it was all new restored, nothing to worry about. Just put gas and drive it!

    Fun to drive! This Alfa was fully restored and it is working like a new car. The diference in importing an Alfa from Brazil instead of importing one from Europe is that here is a hot country, so you won't find any rust on it and to restore a car like that in Europe would cost at least 5 times more. So, here is the place to start buying these pretty amazing 145 and 155 with the 1.8 and 2.0 engines that Alfa imported into Brazil.

    My company export classic cars from Brazil, so I know how to make it arrive to you. The asked price is FOB, that means Free On Board, that is to say you will have to add the shipping from here until your closest port. Send me your location and I will quote it for you.

    If you are interested in the Alfa Romeo 156 or on the Alfa Romeo 166, there are also here these 2 amazing models. We could search for you, make a full service on them like we did on this 145 advertised.

    100's of classic cars already exported by our company.
    My contact WhatsApp +5541999728218

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