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Livetecs LLC


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Livetecs LLC is a leading provider of web-based business products and custom software solutions for small and medium sized businesses. We are over nine years in the software development market. We have thousands of small and medium sized customers. We also provides integrated solutions to manage customers, employees and projects.

Track My Time feature of Timelive facilitates managers in the monitoring operations to effectively monitor the achievements of their workforce while they work around the clock. The Track My Time feature also helps the supervisors to determine the productivity pattern of the workforce during different times of day and can identify opportunities to motivate workforce to achieve desired performance. The TimeLive comes in really handy in monitoring the employees’ productivity hours and keeps a good check on their performance.

Effective human capital management is what all the big and small organizations want these days because in this modern business era everyone understands how important it is to keep the motivation level high for each and every employee. Timelive is a premium hours for the major concern of monitoring your human capital management, it helps you to monitor what your employees are achieving while they are working around the clock and if they are not able to unleash the top most potential what is the cause of that? It is essential for any organization to identify the problem before moving on to the solution and The Timelive’s work time tracker app gives you that rare opportunity.

For more info:-https://www.livetecs.com/



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